A designer’s take on 5 apps to help you get back into shape

A designer’s take on 5 apps...

It’s that time of year again when we happily indulge in eating and drinking to our heart’s content. We cheat on diets and devour to gratify the soul. So it’s no surprise that losing weight is at the top of our new year resolution list.

Post Christmas, major google searches start where the biggest question for us is mostly ‘How do we get back in shape?’.

If you’re concerned about how you can shed those extra kilos acquired during Christmastide, I would say don’t be remorseful about enjoying the holidays. Though technology has surprised us this year, still from a designer’s perspective, I feel designers and product owners should work together to build products that make user’s life easy by giving them realistic, attainable goals within a fitness app and take them close to the end step of the solution that they are suggesting. and with Kotak 811 you can open a bank account in merely 10 minutes and start transactions. Now that’s what we call new-age Digital India.

After trying from the available apps in the market, I have listed 5 user centred fitness apps that individually or in combinations according to your requirement will help achieve fitness goals in 2018.

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