Learning how to DESIGN for the “REAL” India

Learning how to DESIGN for the...

When I think about “design for India”, my mind is in a flux. It may be so because as entrants in the design industry we hardly think of the Indian context. That being said, I do not mean that there are no contemporary artists or designers out there working towards this cause, however merely that it doesn’t get the recognition it needs.

As aspiring designers, we tend to rely on our peers and experienced professionals for guidance. In my experience, “Design” has almost always taken a backseat to “art” when it comes to India as the theme. Which is probably why up until now, I never gave “culture” the due credit and attention it deserved whenever I thought about my users.

I’ll share with you two anecdotes to give you a little taste as to why I think design should keep cultural behaviours in mind. A few months ago, I met a friend of mine for lunch. She informed during our meet that her parents had created a profile for her on a famous matrimony website. I started thinking about the amazing gold mine these matrimony websites had struck. The practice of arranged marriage has existed in India for decades and it seems it will persist for a few more years.

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