The rise of disposable content in 2018

The rise of disposable content in 2018...

Disposable content means less permanent content shared on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp. It encourages users to share without thinking too much. Recently we have seen a rising trend of such content in the form of temporary “Stories” that disappear with time.

What’s the hook that pulls brands to create and view disposable content in 2018? Besides focusing on the FOMO part, disposable content entertains, triggers social shares, and drives short-term awareness for an individual/brand. Consumers feel empowered by the fleeting nature of such content. There is hardly any timeline, no place to access archived posts, and very little room for personal information. Allowing people to express themselves in ways that they might not otherwise be comfortable. It also gives the recipient an opportunity to see a version of the sharer that they wouldn’t usually be privy to.

For some time now we have seen marketing experts talk about the importance of brands being authentic on the social media. However the plausibility of that is increasingly defunct on most platforms.

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