The role of UX in the rise of Self Service apps in telecommunication

The role of UX in the rise of Self...

With the advent of technology much has changed in our life. Be it entertainment, business, travel or communication we see a vast difference in how things work today in contrast to how it used to before.

In this ever flourishing digital age, communication has progressed tremendously. Earlier, getting a landline number entailed a long procedure. Standing in line, reaching the counter, submission of official documents and finally waiting for more than half a year to receive the instrument with an active connection. Now getting a phone connection takes around 5 minutes. Therefore almost every person has a phone in their pocket. Communication has become powerful ,effective and within one’s reach.

Today our phones have become an integral part of our day to day functioning. All essential tasks can now be carried out on a smartphone. High speed internet on these devices open a plethora of rich content to the masses. Several network providers in the country are coming up with cost effective plans every day enabling the common man to consume more data and make calls with low call rates. They are also investing in creating apps that gives the consumer maximum control.

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