UXNOW 2017: The future of Design in India

UXNOW 2017: The future of Design...

On the morning of October 7th, India’s top design masterminds gathered at the IIT-Delhi campus for an unique event called UXNOW-Blurred Lines 2017. Design events are few and far between this side of the country and it was good to see top designers, design students, managers, educators and innovators all under one roof. The conference was organised by MakeMyTrip India and the entire team of GDD attended. That is precisely how I had the privilege to attend this event and get a glimpse into the future of design in India.

The show got on the road when the brilliant Monika Bielskyte started talking to us about regenerative thinking and how just sustainability is not enough. She stressed on having long term goals to keep visions alive. We are all part of the ever evolving ‘Phygital’ world around us and Artificial Intelligence depends on our cultural intelligence. The smarter we get, the smarter our innovations get. Then too smart isn’t enough, ultimately the user experience is most valuable. Monika’s viewpoints got a lot of appreciation though Joseph Jacob, UX designer at GDD thought it would have been a really nice touch if we got a little more glimpse into her thought process on AR/VR and the work it inspired.

Sukumar Rajagopal, Founder and CEO of tiny magic took the mic next and shared his experiences on the difficulty of adopting new users while designing software. His session, one of the most interactive was all about the magic of building new habits with the aid of right triggers. Habits are behaviours that tend to occur subconsciously.

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