Why Hire a UX Writer

Shimanti Banerjee

01 April 2019

Product Design: The catalyst for Indian manufacturing

Shimanti Banerjee

01 April 2019

The Importance of a UX Writer

In the last few months, a new design role has found its way into dynamic and creative design teams across the world. Yes, we are talking about a UX Writer!

Writing is considered to be a designer’s unicorn skill. In today’s world, content is the king. Social media has made it evident to brands across the world that excellent copy helps you stand out. Writing for designers is no more a good-to-have skill. Infact, as a UI/UX designer, copywriting has now become a must-have skill.

Tech giants such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Dropbox etc have realized the crucial role content plays in creating a holistic and seamless user experience. A UX writer gets involved in the design and product strategy from day one to craft meaningful and useful text that makes users complete the task in hand.

What does a UX Writer do?

Right from the celebratory messages you receive on your fitness tracker on completion of your health goals to the error messages you receive when you hit a bad URL request, all these interesting chunks of text are written by none other than a UX writer.

Not just that, a UX writer is also responsible to make the website or mobile app super engaging with simple witty messages and innovative call-to-actions.Right from creating an account to the messages that appear on the home screen, a UX writer is responsible to ensure easy and smooth user onboarding and engagement.

For example, here is the welcome message you receive when you log-in to your Dropbox account. The user is expected to perform only one action (i.e) to take a guided tour of the platform and get familiar with Dropbox’s interface.

Thus, unlike marketing copywriters, a UX writer is expected to set the vision for content and product narratives for different touch points of the product.

How a UX writer contributes to design experience

A UX writer in general is expected to have a higher degree of user empathy. Based on the target audience, demographics, interests, etc a UX writer creates copy that resonates with the audience.

For example, let us consider the mobile app Headspace. It is an iOS app that provides guided meditation for users to help them relieve from stress, anxiety, and other issues. Once the user clicks on the “Begin Session” button, he receives a series of motivational content that helps the user relax and get ready for the session. This level of user empathy ensures an unparalleled experience for users.

Hence, UX writing is not just about welcome and error messages. It is about complementing the visual story with powerful content.

The UX writer is also responsible to do periodic hygiene checks on the website and mobile copy. Grammatical errors, confusing messages etc can lead to a bad user experience and make the user exit your application. Now, that’s not something that we would want, would we?

Data should be the crux of your design strategy. A UX writer will look at performance metrics such as page sessions, average time spent, bounce rates, etc. All this data will help to analyze the performance of your content. Be it either minor tweaks or a complete revamp of content, you can make informed decisions based on these success metrics. The copy needs to be periodically updated and tailored to meet the requirements of your target audience.

These may seem as minor changes, but an excellent user experience lies in the details. A UX writer helps to bring this X factor to your design and UX strategy.

Why hire a UX writer?

Unlike marketing copywriting, UX writing requires a different skill set altogether. While marketers write content that increases conversions on the website, a UX writer crafts content that ensures the user spends maximum time on the app/website with a seamless experience.

A UX writer helps to give your brand the perfect voice and tone. At every touch point of the user, a UX writer ensures that a consistent brand experience is perceived by the user. Extensive research goes into writing content for each app screen, website landing page, and user interaction. He can write extremely user-focused solutions for mobile, website, and other digital experiences with innovative features and interactions.

With a UX writer on your design team, you can ensure a holistic user experience. Great designs with crappy content and lack of user empathy can lead to an awful UX. Copy can make or break the user experience.

Hence, don’t underestimate the power of words. Get a dedicated wordsmith in the form of a UX writer who helps you deliver a consistent brand experience across multiple platforms.

If you want to review the user experience for your mobile app or web application or want an expert UX writer to give you content recommendations to improve your customer acquisition and onboarding experience, then drop us a short message with your requirements.


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