Industrial Design

We make sure our products fit well keeping in mind our honesty towards the design process

Industrial Product Design Company in Delhi NCR

Our Services

  • Project Planning
  • Technology Assessment
  • Documentation Assessment
  • Need Finding
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Market Research
  • Product Benchmarking
  • Mood Board Creation
  • Core Design Direction
  • Design Inputs and Requirements Definition
  • Human Factors Requirements
  • Initial Concept Ideation
  • Ideation Sketches
  • Paper Mockup
  • Preliminary CAD
  • Hyper-Realistic Design Representation
  • Presentation of Design Directions
  • Design Detailing
  • Enhanced Digital Visualization
  • Mockup / Prototyping
  • 3D Printing
  • Manufacturing Feasibility Check
  • System Architecture
  • Design & Engineering
  • FEA Analysis (stress/structural, thermal and fluid analysis)
  • Applied Human Factors
  • Formative Usability Evaluations
  • Design Transfer
  • Manufacturing Liaison

Our Process

Industrial Design-Design Brief Setting
1. Design Brief Setting

This initial phase of the project lays down the groundwork for exceptional product development that ensures superior results. In this phase, we evaluate the documentation and technology of the project to develop a project plan. The aim is to understand the core needs of the client. Among other things, we request information about the manufacturing setup and methodology to deduce how the product will materialize.

Industrial Design-Research and Definition
2. Research & Definition

A great project begins with a strong foundation. This involves decoding the product architecture and production methodology. We dig deep to understand our market landscape. Following which we create internal product benchmarking so as to identify what we wish to emulate. From here we create mood boards to define a consistent design language.

Industrial Design-Concept Generation
3. Concept Generation

During this phase, we create sketches and models to support ergonomic and aesthetic evaluations. Being involved early in the design process allows our team to provide a proof of concept and guarantee design for manufacturability. Our aim here is to deliver sketches and design directions that fit well into the need of the client. We follow rigorous rounds of iterations where multiple concepts are created and rejected. The process ultimately allows us to finalize and boil down to 3 core design directions.

Industrial Design-Concept Finalisation
4. Concept Finalisation

At this point, we ensure our stakeholders are well versed with the ideas presented to them and ensure they share a common vision with the design team. We present actual physical mockups/prototypes giving confidence in the ease of manufacturing as well as customer preference. A common approach at this point is to take user feedback for final design refinements.

Industrial Design-Design Realization
5. Design Realization

Crafting superior tech with exceptional form, In the Realization phase, We advise clients on the appropriate manufacturing process based on yearly volumes and FOB costs. We consider material and finish options, reduction of piece parts, assembly procedures, knock-down, servicing, shipping, packaging, weight, and the environment, to name a few.

Engagement Model


1 Sprint=5 Working Days=40 Hours


Monthly commitment with min. 3 months
  • Styling
  • +
  • Usability
  • +
  • Optimization