Design for Manufacturing: Deconstruction of Design Insights

Design for Manufacturing: Deconstruction of Design Insights


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Product design

Insight Generation

India is now witnessing a major surge in the manufacturing sector. There has been a strong demand for products that are built around their needs. In the past, Indian homes had to adapt to products that were made with a focus on western homes and consumption patterns. With this change in ideology, GDD is at the forefront of product design that is made in India - for India. Our large portfolio of products shows acumen for designing for the Indian market and manufacturing the same within the Indian context. 

With manufacturing still gearing up for the new tomorrow, GDD is closely working with Indian manufacturers to share its best practices learned by closely working with some of the world's global design-driven companies. Our designers make sure that design does not end at merely handing over data, but work jointly with the engineers and craftsmen on the factory floor. It is this grounded approach that is helping us raise the manufacturing game of our upcoming clients. 

Some areas in which we help our clients are:

  • Industrial Design
  • Competition Benchmarking
  • Prototyping
  • Technology 
  • Tooling Support
  • Craftsmanship checks on running products
  • Best practices on Color Material Finish

To know more about our approach to Design in the local context, we recommend a video call so that we can deep dive into insights and case studies tailor-made for you.  For a detailed interaction write to us @