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Located in the bustling heart of India, our Delhi NCR studio consists of a multidisciplinary team with expertise in design, engineering, and craftsmanship. The GDD design family's extensive experience of working with global clients has helped creating best practices and learnings that offer unparalleled value to our clients. We specialize in providing bespoke design solutions tailor-made to our client's business needs and market demands. We strive for perfection through cutting-edge design, flawless execution, and best-in-class white-glove service that ensures our clients and consumers have experiences that build positive brand experiences.

Collaboration at
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We are committed to creating design experiences that anticipate tomorrow's needs today. We believe it takes a team of experienced subject matter experts to design a cutting-edge product. Our team is an eclectic mix of researchers, ethnographers, thinkers, material experts, scientists, engineers, giving us that winning creative edge.

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Our capabilities

For designers at GDD, product design is not a standalone job but a culmination of various skill sets coming together. GDD stands tall on 4 pillars, Research, Prototype, Color-Material-Finish and Design for Manufacturing.

In-Depth User Research

Every project starts with intensive user research, but deriving insights is more than just asking questions. Every design solution begins by working backward from the consumer and the challenge or opportunity the design addresses. The insights derived from that become the basis of our design process. 

Some of the critical areas of research include: 

- Home visits & Market Research

- Trend study and analysis

- Focus group discussions

- Ethnographic studies

- Co-creation workshops

High Precision Prototyping

Testing our designs is essential to the success of our executions. Prototyping gives us insights and usable feedback about the products we create. It's what allows us to create excellent designs. Multiple iterations through prototyping help our designers and engineers understand the intricacies that can only be derived through touch and feel, true to our vision of designing human experiences. 

A few key areas of focus include: 

-3D printing

-Additive manufacturing

-Woodwork & Metalwork

-Material simulation


CMF differentiates a product, makes a product stand out from the crowd, and creates an everlasting impression on consumers. Good CMF ensures that the product is commercially viable and relevant in an ever-evolving global marketplace. After finalizing the form and function comes Color Material Finish*.

A good CMF practice includes, but is not limited to: 

- Material sampling

- Trend forecasting

- Masterbatch development

- CMF research

- Pattern making

Engineering Design

Engineering design is purposeful. It is systematic and iterative, it is "design under constraint". Engineering design helps us learn new problems and solve them in innovative ways. A constant comradery between the design and engineering makes sure that the final design handover is manufacture-ready. 

- CAD 

- Engineering Testing 

- Design for Manufacturing 

- Vendor and Materials Sourcing

HMI Design

Human interface design is an all-encompassing term that can include a digital screen to a physical button. For any product, often the most overlooked yet one of the most important part is how a person is physically interacting with it i.e., the interface design. A lot of science and design thinking goes into designing such interfaces to make sure that the interaction is seamless and comes to people like second nature. 

Constant building and rebuilding, along with the below-mentioned practices, are the critical factors behind good HMI: 

- Prototyping

- UX research

- Usability testing

- Wireframing

Packaging Design

For any product, the packaging is just as important as its design. Packing is not just about the imagery used but the story it tells about the product, the company, and the value addition it will bring to any customer's life. After all, the packaging is the product's first introduction to the consumer and one of the key decision-making factors. Hence, with our faction of packaging design, we make sure that the first introduction packs that punch to charm the customer. 

We specialize in the following verticals to ensure that packaging design meets the ultimate intent of telling the product story: 

- Hyper-realistic product visualization

- Typography

- Graphic design

- Packaging simulation and prototyping

Product Photography

Product photography is an image of a good for sale in its simplest term. But that only tells half the story. For any deal, and eventually, the product, the image has to connect with the user to be successful. This is precisely what we tell the customers through our product photography. We create an image that will tell the customer the entire journey of making that product and celebrate it while also ensuring that the customer makes the right decision.

Feature Catalogue

Today's advertising relies heavily on telling the story of the product they are selling. That's where we come in. In close partnerships with our clients, we make sure that any form of advertising indicates the USPs of the product. We ensure that talking points are seamlessly woven into an end story that is then marketed to the consumers. It is a combination of various disciplines coming together to sell a product. 

- Creative writing

- Feature mapping

- Story building

- Product visualization 

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