Design Research: The Enigma of Design

Design Research: The Enigma of Design


Faber, Havells, Lloyd, Kenstar


2015 - Present


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Research is a challenging topic for most product design companies. It’s often seen as the long tail of the design process. However, by systematically looking for “tells” in user behaviour, GDD has helped our clients to build award-winning, market-centric solutions.

GDD’s research methodology to derive workable insights covers a wide range of topics and research techniques. These insights are then analyzed to deliver the most effective solutions to your business challenges. We use our expertise across industry verticals and tailor our methodologies to suit each client’s needs.

GDD’s Role:

  • Interactions with the consumers 
  • Interactions with Shop Floor Salesman 
  • Identification of User Pain Points 
  • User Persona creation 
  • Consumer Journey mapping 
  • Need Gap Analysis 
  • Design insight generation 

To know more about our approach to Design Research, we recommend a video call so that we can deep dive into insights and case studies tailor-made to you.  For a detailed interaction write to us @