Washing Machine Design: Kaleidoscope of Indian Laundry Needs and Solutions

Washing Machine Design: Kaleidoscope of Indian Laundry Needs and Solutions


Samsung, Whirlpool, Lloyd


2012 - Present


Washing Machine Design, Large Home Appliances




India has always been a diverse country, with people representing varied cultures, languages and religions. But this makes designing for such a large country all the more challenging. If you travel the length and breadth of the country, you will realise that every 50 KM you will be introduced to new ways of communication and new everyday challenges that the locals face. This calls for a very innate understanding of the social and cultural context when designing for this heterogeneous country, especially when it comes to designing laundry solutions.

The main aim behind designing such solutions products is to first understand the pain points. And in our extensive experience of designing washing machines, we have realized that a 4-city approach works best when sampling the final user. Furthermore, when designing these solutions, we follow an exhaustive procedure to ensure a tangible translation of insights to product/product features.

Key areas of focus:

  • Rigorous user-stakeholder workshop
  • Insight generation
  • Brainstorming on research insights
  • Translating the insights into design concepts
  • Testing the concepts with the final users 
  • Alignment of stakeholders to common design intent 
  • New concept generation and designing
  • Design engineering for manufacturability 
  • Prototyping 
  • Design refinement as per manufacturing and tooling constraints

To know more about our approach to Design laundry solutions for the diverse Indian Market, we recommend a video call so that we can deep dive into insights and case studies tailor-made for you.  For a detailed interaction write to us @ noida@gdd.design