HMI: Correspondence Between Humans and Machines

HMI: Correspondence Between Humans and Machines


Faber, Lloyd, Ottonomy


2020 - 2023


Human Machine Interactions, Experience Design


Product design


Human Machine Interaction

With the change in purchasing power for an average Indian, the means through which the user is interacting with the machine has also evolved. Though human-machine interaction design is still an evolving field, with each new project, the main aim is to make the interaction more and more seamless. GDD is making strong marks in the advancement of this design faction. The studio’s thorough understanding of the design process makes it quite clear that digital products require a whole different approach to design as compared to physical products because of different means of consumption.

Designing a digital product that goes beyond IOS or android, requires a ground-up approach to helps us better understand the roadblocks in the current communication is thought of. This approach has assisted us in coming up innovative solutions for these roadblocks, keeping the Indian context and culture as the background.

Some of the key areas of focus throughout this entire process are:

  • Problem-solving approach to interaction design 
  • Breakdown and analysis of each step of Human-Machine Interaction 
  • Methods of the final implementation 
  • Keeping in touch with the stakeholders
  • Designing with constraints w.r.t manufacturing and implementation
  • Constant testing throughout the design process

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