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December 27, 2017

A designer’s take on 5 apps to help you get back into shape post Christmas

It’s that time of year again when we happily indulge in eating and drinking to our heart’s content. We cheat on diets and devour to gratify the soul. So it’s no surprise that losing weight is at the top of our new year resolution list.

Post Christmas, major google searches start where the biggest question for us is mostly ‘How do we get back in shape?’.

If you’re concerned about how you can shed those extra kilos acquired during Christmastide, I would say don’t be remorseful about enjoying the holidays. Though technology has surprised us this year, still from a designer’s perspective, I feel designers and product owners should work together to build products that make user’s life easy by giving them realistic, attainable goals within a fitness app and take them close to the end step of the solution that they are suggesting.

After trying from the available apps in the market, I have listed 5 user centred fitness apps that individually or in combinations according to your requirement will help achieve fitness goals in 2018.

1. Sworkit

Sworkit is a great app as it lets you choose the kind of workout you require. It offers a large number of workout for all fitness levels — beginners, intermediate, and advanced. One can customise own workout as it provides a plan by adding all favorite exercises, thus making it easier to achieve goals.

It’s a good app for one who wants to get back to shape without complicated exercises and spending tons of money at the gym. Upgrading to premium gives access to guided workout plans, ad-free workouts, consult a trainer and many more features. I like this app as it has a great experience, easy-to-use and has helped me a lot.

2. Fabulous

Fabulous is a great app to help you lead a healthy life making things wonderful and so much easier. It’s very motivating and helps you create new habits. More than a habit tracker it’s also a holistic app. It will help you attain your goals by motivating you to eat better, sleep better, lose weight and have healthy living habits.

We all know that we should wake-up early, eat healthy, sleep on time, have a stress free life, drink a lot of water. Despite knowing, do we really try to work towards developing them? Fabulous will help you be on track and will keep you motivated with its vibrant engaging interface.

3. Obino

Obino is one of my favorites as I have been using it for years now and has helped me a lot in losing weight. It focuses on losing weight with an all-natural approach. It helps you understand the relationship between different types of food and calorie intake.

Obino helps in assessing, setting goals, reminding and tracking calories. The thing that attractive was that it includes many indian meals for calculating calories and the fact it has an inbuilt pedometer to count your steps. If you upgrade to premium, you will get paired with your own personal diet & fitness coach who will be available via chat & call and will help you in making the right choices.

Another reason why it’s on my favorite list is that I was a part of the team at GDD that got a chance to rebrand and streamline the user flow of Obino which made the application intuitive and easy to understand. We tried to restructure the site at a root level in order to focus on the business goals making it favorable for users. As a design team, it was a proud moment for us when Obino was rated as one of the top 7 health apps in the health and fitness space.

4. 30 Day Fitness Challenge — Workout at Home

This app is for all those like me who love to workout at home. It acts as your coach records your training progress automatically, reminds you to workout every day and guides you through detailed videos. The three 30 day challenges that you can choose from are abs, body, and butt. Each challenge has 3 difficulty levels and you can increase exercise intensity step by step. The best part is that it has equipment-free exercises and easy to do.

It’s highly recommended for beginners who don’t know what kind of exercise to start with.

5. Remente — Self Improvement

We love this app it helps you learn more about yourself, track your goals, be more organized and productive. This app is ideal for those who are looking for positive change in their holistic development. It guides and helps you to set daily to-do’s as well as long-term goals and track progress. It has a compilation of articles and workout regarding every aspect of life.


Being a design professional as enthusiastic about health and fitness as I am about the need of good design in our lives, I do feel even the best products available still lack in a few areas. Apart from ease of use and user focused design that ensures a smoother experience I am also wondering what if an app focused on healthy eating could also help the user find their grocery/ healthy eating options near them so they can purchase those goods as per suggestions on the app. As a user, it would be of a great help and will keep them hooked on the app.

Its likewise vital to reward the user en route and motivate them to move forward as many may lose interest/motivation if reward structures are only centered around the accomplishment of the end task. Sometimes, sharing goals also encourages user to follow their goals. As a designer we should always try to build an interface that will require progressively less exertion and user action in addition to being be aesthetic and engaging.

credit: John Hopkins University

Although healthy eating and regular exercise majorly lend a helping hand to losing weight, there are other factors too like sleep, stress-free life and optimism. In short anything that leads to healthy living is also very important which we forget to take care of. Apps will take us that far only by setting directions to help us achieve our fitness goals. Our self motivation and discipline in adhering to a routine will ensure that we can always keep ourselves fit as a fiddle.


Written By

Neha Jattu

Neha Jattu

Dreamer | Explorer | Storyteller | Design Lead

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