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MagicPin is a hyperlocal discovery platform for people to find great places for the best shopping and service experiences. Its social aspects allow customers to connect directly with retail merchants, stores & other customers and earn cash back. We worked closely with the founders during the inception of the product and did product thinking, branding and the overall user experience. The final deliverable comprised of designing both a web and a mobile application for MagicPin.


The precise number is 4,00,000 selfies, which have been uploaded in less than six months.

Problem statement

At an early stage of this product, GDD got involved to design an app which enables school and college going kids, young working professionals and housewives & families to earn cashback on retail merchant deals and engage socially with others via selfie post. The challenges were mostly on product thinking from scratch and imagining the complete user journey map at various touchpoints. Multiple product workshops and validation helped in getting the workflow for core functionalities in place and get the MVP to a successful product.

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The offline retail market in India is pegged to be about $1Tn by 2020. It includes merchants providing services like restaurants, fashion, spa, beauty, yoga, sports, gym, etc. The market is ripe to get disrupted as internet users in India move towards 600 Mn by 2018.

Color palette

Icons & illustrations


Design solution

To ensure a seamless user experience, we designed the app with various touchpoints in mind. We began by conducting extensive stakeholder workshops to understand the target users' behavior and preferences. Based on our findings, we developed a user-friendly and intuitive interface that allowed users to easily navigate the app and discover cashback deals offered by local retailers. We also integrated a social element into the app, allowing users to engage with other members of the community through selfie posts and comments. This feature was designed to promote user engagement and incentivize them to share their experiences with others, further driving traffic and sales for our retail partners.

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