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Manage your day-to-day cash flow

Numberz is an invoice and expense management web application for small businesses. A web app that manages the day to day transaction in sync with your bank. Numberz is an easy way for SMB’s to receive an advance on their outstanding invoices and bills. The application was created to help eliminate the cash flow gaps between raising an invoice and actually get paid.


Almost two-thirds (63 %) of small business owners said they would consider using new technology to help them manage cash flow.

Problem statement

At its nascent stage, GDD was approached by the Numberz team to create a holistic fintech product which enables small and medium businesses to manage their cash flow. The focus was to design and solve challenges of creating and managing invoices, do intelligent bank reconciliations and quick and easy expense management functionality. Optimizing user workflows of the existing product. This would involve understanding all the functions of the platform and testing out proposed solutions with users.

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An invoice tool can provide all information on cash flow status and more by tracking trends and statistics for your business.

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Design solution

The primary focus of the design solution was to address the challenges of creating and managing invoices, performing intelligent bank reconciliations, and facilitating quick and easy expense management functionality. We designed a user-friendly and intuitive interface that allowed users to generate and send invoices with ease. We also incorporated features like invoice tracking to check the status on receivables and manage cashflow using credit line. We also created an expense tracker that allowed users to categorize and track their expenses in real-time.

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