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Fast online shopping in a smart omni store

As one of India’s most respected companies, TATA started its e-commerce journey via TATA CLIQ. At its inception, the aim was to build a marketplace that would bridge the gap between physical and digital stores. From the very first step, it was clear that adequate time would be spent on product thinking via participation with the key stakeholders.

Tata Cliq
Tata Cliq

TataCliq customers are more affluent and older than regular online shoppers and most are women in the 27-45 age group. They are the mall-going, brand-aware group.

Problem statement

The brief was to set the foundation for the e-commerce app. The key factor was to emulate user behaviour when they are shopping in real life stores. The app would not only cater to regular e-commerce but also present trending articles and style guides. Hence shopping and content consumption should lead to an engaging experience. As a result of collaborative thinking, TATA CLIQ made its presence felt in the month of May 2016. The app matured to its present state in a matter of months. Though a few updates have happened on its an exciting journey, the application still has its core UX close to its heart. A well thought UX lasts a long way.

Tata Cliq
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TataCLiQ has done a few things differently from other marketplaces. For one, it introduced the first real omnichannel experience in India called ‘phygital’. Two, it sells only fashion and electronics and is working on adding more categories.

Color palette

Icons & illustrations

Tata Cliq
Tata Cliq

Design solution

We wanted to create an app that would emulate this experience as closely as possible, with a focus on providing an engaging and immersive experience for our users. To achieve this, we designed the app to not only cater to regular e-commerce, but also to present trending articles and style guides. By providing users with valuable content, we were able to create a more engaging and enjoyable experience overall. Throughout the design process, we worked collaboratively with the Tata Cliq team to ensure that the app would meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

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