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Contract management made simpler

Many documents need to be in place so that an organization runs well. Sirion manages complex service engagements on an integrated platform which helps automate contracts, performance, finance and foster relationship management. Real-time analytics and metrics are applied to give the user an overall view of all activities.

Sirion Lab
Sirion Lab

Contract approval time drops an average of 82% with the use of a Contract Management solution.

Problem statement

At present, Sirion is a complex contract management software that is loaded with features. This led to cognitive overload for a user; facing difficulties in understanding and navigating through the heavy platform. GDD was approached to re-design the entire user interface and define a strong visual language for the product. Ease of switching from one function to the other had to be very intuitive.

Sirion Lab
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20,000-40,000 – Average number of contracts per organization

Color palette

Icons & illustrations

Sirion Lab
Sirion Lab

Design solution

We redesigned the entire user interface with strong visual language for the product. We conducted research and user testing to identify the pain points and areas for improvement. We found that the platform was overwhelming for users, and that many of the features were not being used effectively. We started by identifying the core functions and features that were essential to the user experience, and eliminated those that were not adding value or causing confusion. Then we reorganized the platform's navigation and interface, making it more intuitive and easy to use. To further simplify the platform, we introduced on-the-go mobile app that allowed key users to see the information and features that were most relevant to them.

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