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Monitoring a chronic disease has never been easier

Lifestyles for people around the world is changing and it's becoming difficult to monitor and plan your health. Diabetes is one of those serious health & lifelong condition many people are developing. Living with diabetes is difficult. There are so many factors to consider and this can be stressful. Life in Control is one app that provides personalised and comprehensive Diabetes Management in your hand. Patients and Caregivers can set health goals and track progress, log blood sugar levels, diet, insulin, medicine dosage and other health data along with counting calories consumed & burned.

Life in Control
Life in Control

It is estimated that 61.3 million people aged 20-79 years living with diabetes in India (2011 estimates). This number is expected to increase to 101.2 million by 2030.

Problem statement

Life in Control App works on both mobile and web to help diabetes patients, caregivers, health coach and doctors to manage diabetes in a comprehensive way. The challenge was to design an mobile app that will be for patients to manage their records and share it with doctors/health coach for assistance and then design a web app for doctors/health coach to monitor and create a care plan. We had multiple challenges in designing communication channels between two apps and constructing the right UI framework to capture health data of patients for doctors while they create the care plan.

Life in Control
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According to the WHO, if one adult in a low-income family has diabetes, “as much as 25% of family income may be devoted to diabetes care.” As a doctor, the biggest challenge is to make the patients understand the nature of the disease, dispel myths surrounding the diet and medication and ensuring compliance with the medical regime.

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Life in Control
Life in Control

Design solution

We started by first designing a user-friendly mobile app that allowed patients to easily manage their records and track their progress. We designed the app to include features like glucose monitoring, medication tracking, and meal planning to help patients manage their diabetes effectively. We also included a secure messaging system that allowed patients to share their records and communicate with their doctors or health coaches. We had multiple challenges in designing the ecosystem between two apps and constructing the right UI framework to capture health data of patients for doctors while they create the care plan. For doctors and health coaches, we designed a comprehensive web app that allowed them to monitor patients' progress and create personalized care plans. The web app allowed doctors and health coaches to access patients' records and monitor their progress in real-time.

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